About Us

The AilaTech Research Corporation consists of a network of experienced technical editors and science advisors throughout Japan. For a number of years, the AilaTech Research Corporation has helped scientists publish their English articles in numerous scientific journals. We review and correct articles that scientists want to publish before such articles are submitted to a desired scientific journal. We make every effort to meet with or talk to each scientist during our editing process. We know for a fact that by having a strong line of communication with each scientist, we can dramatically enhance the quality and accuracy of their articles.

In 2000, gAilaTech Researchh started out as a small group of scientists and technical editors (friends) who would work together reviewing and correcting each others scientific materials. Since the scientists in our group were conducting research at various universities and government laboratories throughout Japan, and moving from one laboratory to the next every few years, other scientists from different parts of Japan found out about our group and would ask us to review and correct their articles.

As the years went by, more and more scientists heard about and requested our services. To meet this demand, we increased the number of technical editors and science advisors.